Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humpy Wheeler's Tell All, Growing Up NASCAR, Now Available

Humpy Wheeler's GROWING UP NASCAR: Racing's Most Outrageous Promoter
Tells All, an unprecedented peek inside the racing world, is now
available in Charlotte-area bookstores and at online retailers.

Co-written with Peter Golenbock, one of America's top sports authors
whose bios include Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin and Bobby Allison, the
304-page hardcover, retailing for $25.00, is published by Motorbooks,
the world's leading publisher of motorsports books for enthusiasts.
Wheeler's book can be found in Joseph Beth and Barnes and Noble
Charlotte area locations as well as online at amazon.com and

In 1947, when Humpy was nine years old, he put his thumb out on
Highway 29 and hitched a ride to the Charlotte Speedway. At age 11, he
attended the very first NASCAR race. For the next ten years, he spent
as much time in the pits as he could, and came to know many of the
sport's pioneers. Eventually, Wheeler began promoting races at
Carolina tracks such as Concord, Robinwood and Starlight Speedways.
Racing was so rough back then that he kept a gun by his side when he
paid the purse, and often used his fists to keep order. By the time
Humpy retired in 2008, he had helped NASCAR become the six-billion-
dollar-a-year industry it is today. Filled with photographs from his
personal archives, Growing up NASCAR presents the ultimate behind-the-
scenes look at NASCAR from the consummate insider.

"I've been writing this book in my head for more than 50 years," said
Wheeler, now 71. "It was time to let the gorilla out of the cage and
there's more where that came from."

Wheeler's book, his first, has quickly become #2 in Amazon.com's
racing history category and, according to Motorbooks, is already
headed for a second printing.

Humpy's first local book signing takes place this Saturday, Apr. 17
from 2-4pm at SouthPark Mall's Joseph Beth Booksellers. A second
"Humpy Hour" is planned in Uptown Charlotte on Apr. 28 from 5-8pm at
the new Dandelion Market on E. Fifth Street. Joseph Beth will be on
site selling books at this event.