Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cavalia's Cirque-Like Equestrian Odyssey Opens in May in Charlotte

Nascar won't be the only thing with horsepower in Charlotte this
Spring. On Tuesday, May 4, Charlotte will experience what 3 million
people in Europe, Canada, and other U.S. cities including Washington
D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, Miami and most
recently Tampa have enjoyed.

Guests who attend the show will "ooh" and "ahh" in amazement at the
beauty of the more than 60 4-legged artists in this eclectic cast.
Crowds will cheer and rise in their seats during the incredible
performances of some 40 2-legged artists, including acrobats,
aerialists, riders, musicians and dancers. From May 4 – 14, 2010 under
the White Big Top in Downtown Charlotte (next to the Bank of America
Stadium), an exquisite, fast-paced, unforgettable 120 minute
performance featuring the harmony between horse and man will find its

This spectacular production was created by Cirque du Soleil co-
founder, Normand Latourelle, and is often compared to Cirque for the
way it revolutionizes equestrian and performing arts, much like Cirque
revolutionized the circus. Cavalia will stop in Charlotte, as it makes
the rounds to major cities on its North American tour, after touring
in Europe for two years. "I am extremely proud to introduce this non-
traditional show to Charlotte. I hope that the residents and tourists
will embraceCavalia's magic." says Normand Latourelle, Cavalia founder
and artistic director. "This past winter we played for 11 sold out
weeks in Atlanta. We are certain that Charlotte will challenge this

Cavalia is not just a show for horse-lovers, nor is it a show just for
Cirque-fanatics. It is a lavish orchestration of multimedia,
equestrian and performing arts designed to astound and entertain
people of all ages and backgrounds. Under the world's largest touring
Big Top, which rises 100 feet above the ground and spans more than
26,264 feet, 60 of the most magnificent creatures on the planet will
express themselves in all their beauty, grace and strength on a 160-
foot wide stage. While the horses gallop and cavort and, at times, run
free completely unbridled, the show will incorporate unbelievable
acrobatics, original live music and stunning special and lighting
effects to create a dreamlike setting, making it apparent to see why
this show has become a global sensation.

Across North America and Europe, Cavalia has enthralled audiences and
been praised by critics for its captivating and unique experience.
CNN's Larry King raved, "The greatest show I have ever seen!" The
Atlanta Journal Constitution raved, "The most unconventional horse
show you could imagine! With Cavalia, a master showman has paid
Atlanta a visit." The Washington Post exclaims, "Impressive, highly
refined, indeed a wonder!" The New York Times describes the show as "a
celebration of the unique emotional and physical bonds between humans
and animals," while O Magazine exclaimed that "The wildly beautiful
stallions of Cavalia leave audiences with their hearts galloping," and
the Los Angeles Times summed it up with "Blissful play, haunting score…
striking aerial grace." Madrid's El Pais remarked "Like in a dream,"
while Berlin's Zeitung said "Cavalia shows flawless artistry." Lastly,
Amsterdam's De Telegraf proclaimed Cavalia as "A fairytale for the
entire family!"

Cavalia features 12 different breeds of horses, including Arabians,
Lusitanos, Spanish Pure Breed, Quarter Horses, and Paint horses from
France, Canada, Spain and the United States. The featured 2-legged
artists represent the nations of the United States, Australia,
Belgium, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Portugal and Russia.

The significance of the 4-legged performers can also be seen in the
signature "C" of Cavalia's logo, with a horse's head depicted in the
letter (the "l" in Cavalia is also representative in the shape of a
horse's leg).

TICKETS – For its exclusive run in Charlotte, Cavalia will be
presented under the White Big Top pitched in Downtown Charlotte (next
to the Bank of America Stadium). Tickets are on sale now. Regular
tickets are priced from $24.50 to $99.50. If sitting in the stands is
not enough for you, the show can be customized for the complete VIP
experience from $89.50 to $189.50, including a Horse Lovers Package
that lets patrons tour Cavalia's stables, and the Rendez-Vous Package
that includes a tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception and
much more. Special pricing is also available for children, students,
and seniors.

SHOWTIMES – Opening night will be Tuesday, May 4, 2010. During
Cavalia's Charlotte run, there will be nightly shows except Mondays,
matinee and evening shows on Saturdays and early day shows on Sundays.
For more information, a detailed list of show dates and reservations,
call 1-866-999-8111 or visit www.cavalia.net

Seen by more than 3 million people worldwide, Cavalia is a tribute to
horses and a celebration of the relationship that we have enjoyed
together. This multimedia extravaganza features more than 100 two- and
four-legged artists, including beautiful horses of 12 breeds, riders,
acrobats, aerialists, dancers and live musicians. It is this
combination that sets the mood in the majestic White Big Top, the
largest touring White Big Top in the world. Headquartered in Montreal,
Quebec (Canada), Cavalia is the brainchild of Normand Latourelle who
has become renowned for producing popular events throughout the world.
Photos: For high-resolution photos, visit Cavalia's media room at www.cavalia.net
or follow us on www.twitter.com/cavalia or www.facebook.com/cavalia.