Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charlotte Marketing Firm Provides PR for WSN Software

Lawrimore Inc. Provides Public Relations For WSN Software

CHARLOTTE, NC - Charlotte marketing firm Lawrimore Inc. has been retained to provide public relations services for WSN Software of Cameron Park, CA, developer of a new online business directory script.

Since the first release of WSN Links in August 2002, the WSN suite of PHP/MySQL scripts has expanded steadily, said Paul Knierim, creator of the software. The WSN Gallery media gallery was added in 2003, a discussion forum was added in 2004, an article directory in 2005, and a classified ads script in 2007.

Now the latest addition is WSN Directory, "aimed squarely at the needs of online business directory owners," he noted. "Compared to other PHP/MySQL categories, there are relatively few full-functioning business directory scripts available online.

"People have been running business directories by adapting tools like WSN Links for years," Knierim explained, "but this move saves people a lot of time by providing a tool customized to the purpose. It gives undivided attention to the special needs of business directory owners."

"We chose Lawrimore Inc. to assist us with promoting this product because its president, Buck Lawrimore, suggested some enhancements of our popular WSN Links program to make it more appealing to websites needing a business directory script," Knierim added 

WSN Directory, online at http://www.wsndirectory.com, comes equipped with all the components to help a business directory function most effectively:

·      Google maps help visitors find and browse their local businesses

·      Visitors can search for listings with a select number of miles of their zip code or postal code

·      A slideshow helps people explore a listing

·      Ratings and reviews help them verify the experiences of other customers

·      Pages are search-engine friendly, making it easy for results to rank high in search engines

·      An automated setup script sets up WSN Directory in seconds, and updates are also automated with one click


"WSN software is built around the principle of ease of use and full customization," Knierim said. "It can be translated to any language, all HTML output can be edited via templates, and the PHP code can be easily extended without making upgrades difficult. Whether it's a restaurant reviews site or a yellow pages site, WSN Directory is well equipped to help it succeed."

For more information on the software product, visit www.wsndirectory.com or email Knierim at contact@webmastersite.net

For more information on Lawrimore Inc., visit http://www.lciweb.com.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outdoor Water Use Allowed Two Days Per Week

On September 24, 2008, the Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory
Group (DMAG) met to review regional water/drought conditions and
discuss whether to recommend changes to Stage 3 water use restrictions
along the Catawba River Basin.

While most of the drought monitoring criteria remains at Stage 3, DMAG
members from North Carolina and South Carolina acknowledged we've
gotten significant relief from the recent rains, and our surface water
supply is healthy as we enter a wetter, cooler time of year. Given
that the fall planting season has arrived (when more frequent
irrigation is necessary to sustain new turf, flowers, trees and
shrubs), the DMAG agreed it would be acceptable if cities chose to
temporarily amend their local restrictions to allow twice-per-week
outdoor water use through November 2008.

Based on today's recommendations from DMAG and Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Utilities Director Doug Bean, Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton has
authorized a temporary amendment to water use restrictions for
customers of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities. Effective at 12:01 AM on
Thursday, September 25, 2008, the new rules are as follows:

Lawn watering, residential car-washing and pool/fountain filling are
permitted no more than two days per week, according to the following
* Customers with odd-numbered addresses may water on Tuesdays &
* Customers with even-numbered addresses may water on Thursdays &

The amended restrictions will expire at midnight on November 30, 2008.
The temporary change comes following the latest rainfall and water
conditions update:

* Catawba lake levels are normal for this time of year, and the
Charlotte region received about 15 inches of rain during the past 60
days (about one-third of our normal average annual precipitation). We
are ahead in rainfall for calendar 2008.
* The U.S. Geological Survey Drought Monitor status has improved
across most of our river basin. While Mecklenburg County's rating
improved from 'severe' to 'moderate' drought last week, a small area
of the basin remains in 'severe' (or Stage 3) status.
* Stream flow & groundwater levels, while slightly improved, still
show Stage 3 drought conditions - a reminder that even with all the
rainfall we've seen in recent weeks, the Catawba region continues
making up for a historic 17-inch rainfall deficit from 2007.

Despite the lingering drought conditions, Duke Energy's data shows one
extra day of water use at this time of year could help sustain new
plant growth without significantly impacting current lake levels or
downstream flows. During its meeting the DMAG emphasized any amendment
to restrictions must be temporary, because our regional drought
response plan requires all four criteria (lake levels, drought
monitor, stream flows and groundwater) to meet Stage 2 conditions
before the DMAG may formally recommend easing restrictions at the
local level.

Charlotte utility officials emphasized that restrictions enforcement
will continue, and we will quickly revert back to one-day-per-week
water use if drought or water supply conditions worsen at any point.

"This drought has reminded us to use only the water that we need, and
to waste nothing," said Maeneen Klein, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities
Water Conservation Manager. "We're encouraging citizens to conserve
all the time - regardless of the weather. And as long as the drought
remains with us, we need folks to keep following the water
restrictions that we have in place."

CUSTOMER REMINDERS: Your watering day ends at midnight. Additional
details about restrictions and water conservation tips are available
at www.cmutilities.com. Customers may also dial 311 or 704-336-7600
for more information.

Monday, September 22, 2008

131 MAIN Adopts Ronald McDonald House Of Charlotte As Corporate Charity, “Welcome Home Moose”

131 MAIN Adopts Ronald McDonald House Of Charlotte

As Corporate Charity, "Welcome Home Moose"

CHARLOTTE, NC – 131 MAIN Restaurant, a growing chain of upscale casual
restaurants based in the Charlotte area, has adopted the new Charlotte
Ronald McDonald House as its corporate charity and held a "Welcome
Home Moose" event as a benefit/fund raiser for the M2 Foundation as a

"We are very grateful to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community for our
success, and we want to give back to the community by supporting some
local causes," said Joe Douglas, CEO of Captiva Restaurant Group,
parent company of 131 MAIN Restaurant. "Some years ago I personally
experienced the great value and caring service of a Ronald McDonald
House in Chicago, and now our company has decided to use our resources
to help it get established in Charlotte."

The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte is scheduled to open in 2010
and will primarily serve families of children being treated at Levine
Children's Hospital and Presbyterian Healthcare's Hemby Children's
Hospital. Situated in the 1600 block of East Morehead Street on a lot
donated by Carolinas Healthcare System, the House will feature
approximately 35,000 square feet of living space complete with 20 to
30 bedrooms (one family per bedroom/suite), providing more than 10,000
nights of stay each year for families experiencing challenging times.
Details at www.rmhofcharlotte.org.

"Our main support venue for Ronald McDonald House will be coordinating
the use of our WBT Radio airtime in an effort to bring awareness to
their cause and goal of building their new house," Douglas explained.
"Muhsin has agreed to be a local spokesperson for Ronald McDonald
House of Charlotte, so we hope to coordinate our efforts with Moose as
well as other local personalities supporting this great charitable

Captiva Restaurant Group launched 131 MAIN Restaurant (http://www.131-main.com
) in Cornelius in 2004 and has already expanded to East Boulevard and
Ballantyne in Charlotte. Locations in other Carolinas cities are now
in the planning stages.

"Our concept of upscale casual dining, with a somewhat limited menu of
excellent food and friendly service, has been a big success," Douglas
said. "We are grateful to the people of Charlotte and the Lake Norman
area for our growth, which in turn has given us the resources to help
others." Chris Carlsen, CFO, and Mike Vaughn, COO, are partners with
Douglas. Vaughn and Douglas have been friends since their college days
at Florida State University, while Douglas and Carlsen own a local
commercial real estate development company together.

The M2 Foundation was started by Muhammad in 1999 and is dedicated to
"motivating all of its members, typically young men in the sixth
through twelfth grades, to reach their full potential. M2's goal is to
develop healthy and productive members of the community and society as
a whole," said Foundation executive director Nicole Holtz. "We provide
members with private academic tutoring, life skill workshops, global
view program and spiritual development. As a reward for good behavior,
good academic standing and meeting other M2 requirements, members are
taken on an annual Educational Spring Break chaperoned personally by
Muhsin and other male mentors. M2 plans on involving its members and
parents as volunteers and support for families who visit the RMH." For
more information, see www.m2foundationforkids.com.


Media Contact: Buck Lawrimore, Lawrimore Communications Inc.,
704-332-4344, http://www.Lciweb.com

Charlotte's FlowCon Introduces Total Authority Valve™ To U.S. and Canada

FlowCon Introduces Total Authority Valve™ To United States and Canada

CHARLOTTE, NC – FlowCon Americas is introducing its Total Authority
Valve™, a pressure-independent dynamic balancing valve for commercial
HVAC systems, to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Developed by the company's home office in Denmark, the Total Authority
Valve™ was designed especially for multi-circuit HVAC systems that
typically include multiple fan coils, radiators and heat pumps. It can
also be used in limiting the flow to individual heat exchangers or
domestic water tanks.

"We call this the Total Authority Valve™ in the Americas because it
has total authority over the flow into crucial components of a
commercial HVAC system," explained Howard Rozendal, manager of FlowCon
Americas' Charlotte headquarters. "It keeps the flow rate constant
regardless of fluctuations in pressure or temperature, and instantly
compensates for pressure fluctuations caused by other valves in the
system opening or closing. It also helps maintain a constant
temperature so that the entire system works at optimum efficiency.

"Because the FlowCon Total Authority Valves™ are externally
adjustable, the desired maximum flow rate can be easily changed while
the system is operating," Rozendal added. "This does not require the
system to be shut down or rebuilt to replace a control valve, again
saving time and money for the owner."

Other key features of the valve include:

• 51 distinct flow rate settings per valve size and control range

• Accuracy: Up to 99.8% accurate in a system wide application

• Tamper-proof, because the adjustment control is operated by means of
a special FlowCon key

• Pressure and temperature measurement plugs available for verifying
operating pressure differential range.

• Double union end connection with a wide selection of end fittings,
or double flange connection for ease of installation.

FlowCon was founded in 1987 with headquarters in Denmark. It also has
offices in Singapore and Dubai. The company is 100 percent focused on
dynamic flow regulation and pressure independent temperature control.
Details at http://international.flowcon.com (on the website the
product is called by its European name, FlowCon SM). FlowCon Americas
is available at 704-599-4700.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Susan Walker's Novel Way To Present Her Political Campaign Message

Charlotte, N.C. – Susan Walker is running for Mecklenburg County
Commission At-Large and is trying to create a point of difference in
the minds of voters between her platform messages and the other at-
large candidates. To roll out her campaign, she is introducing herself
to the community with the welcoming sight and sound of an ice cream
truck throughout towns within Mecklenburg County the weekend of
September 13 and 14.

"The challenges in Mecklenburg County government are quite complex,"
she said. "But, to deliver my fresh approach in providing solutions
to tough government issues like jobs and the economy, education and
human services, I'm using a soft approach to initially be seen, heard
and remembered with a favorite all-American food, ice cream," she
In grappling with difficult issues as a future commissioner to affect
positive change, Walker has carefully prepared herself for the job by
educating herself on the issues, meeting with a wide variety of
business and community leaders and opening dialogue doors to begin
consensus-building among government, non-profit and business
enterprises. "I'm prepared to get to the heart of the issues that
challenge Mecklenburg by working closely with others," she stated.

Her twenty-five year background in corporate sales and in raising
three children single-handedly provide Walker with both transferrable
skills and problem-solving ability as well as an empathetic
perspective in understanding those in our community who are
vulnerable. In addition to her career and raising her children to
become independent adults, she remarried in 2005 to Mike Walker,
changing her name from Susan Krepelka to Susan Walker. Recently, she
and Mike Walker welcomed a new grandchild into their blended families.

Among her accomplishments are training, competing and completing an
Ironman triathlon at the age of 46. "I am well-seasoned in taking on
big challenges, setting goals and seeing the challenges through to the
end. That triathlon took endurance and the rigorous discipline to
swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles then run a complete marathon all at one
time. My goal-setting ability and achieving results, my energy level
and can-do attitude are other advantages that I would bring to the
county as an elected official of the people," she explained. For many
years, Walker was ranked as one of the top runners in her age group in
the Charlotte area.

Walker has volunteered for the school system, acted in local
commercials, supported Community Theater in Matthews and served as a
member of the Mecklenburg Republican Party and the Charlotte-
Mecklenburg Republican Women's Club. She is a graduate of Penn State
University with a degree in Speech Communications.
As a resident of Mecklenburg County for the past twenty years, Walker
provides professional accountability, a solid work ethic and the
ability to problem solve and build consensus with others. These
traits make her astute at providing input into the annual county
budget, setting the county property tax rate, and assessing and
establishing priorities on the many community needs related to health,
education, welfare, mental health and the environment.

When the Walker ice cream truck visits towns throughout Mecklenburg
from Matthews to Davidson, to deliver ice cream and her campaign
message, Walker hopes voters will remember her fresh approach to
government issues in this growing community and her desire to serve as
county commissioner-at-large.

For more information about Susan Walker's campaign, visit www.electsusanwalker.com