Thursday, April 29, 2010

High Tech Ways to Save at the Supermarket

Have you seen the Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson, on the Today Show or
Oprah or numerous other shows buying over $100 of groceries for less
than $5 at checkout?, her free website, continues to
grow as shoppers learn to use web technology to save up to $6000 a
year at the grocery store. is the largest grocery
savings website of its kind with over 2.4 million members, up from
200,000 in early 2008.

Consumers are taking advantage of the recession coupon craze, as over
$800 million more dollars were saved with coupons in 2009 than in
2008, according to a Valassis marketing survey. Grocery coupon
redemption increased by 27% in 2009 and continues to increase in 2010.

"Consumers are focusing more on planning their trips to the grocery
store to save money," said Nelson, "Being able to go to the web to
find the best grocery deals at their stores, print coupons, load
electronic coupons on their store cards, and even use their cell phone
to access their shopping list helps save money without taking a lot of

Printable grocery coupons are the fastest-growing source of coupons as
busy shoppers seek "on-demand" savings. In 2009, internet
distribution of coupons increased by 92% and consumer redemption of
these coupons is up over 360%. members alone printed
over $40 million worth of free grocery coupons in 2009. "We will most
certainly see an increase in the number of printable coupons available
in 2010," said Nelson.

The website helps shoppers save by teaching "Strategic Shopping." offers free membership and a tutorial, and the "Grocery
Deals by State" section makes saving simple by listing the best
grocery deals at thousands of supermarkets across the country. These
lists combine sale prices with store promotions and coupons, helping
any shopper achieve dramatic savings.

Shoppers can even use their cell phone in the store to find grocery
deals and have coupons electronically loaded on their store loyalty
card. has a new mobile version to help shoppers create
their shopping lists on the go.

Nelson's new book, The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery
Bills in Half,
(Published by Avery, a member of Penguin Group, USA), on the New York
Times Bestseller List for four weeks is more proof that consumers are
hungry for new ways to save. It is a relevant and timely resource for
families nationwide.

"Saving money doesn't have to be complicated," says Nelson. "We
outline my Strategic Shopping Method and show consumers how easy it is
to save at every type of store, in every department within the grocery
store, and for every type of shopper."

Nelson realizes that not everyone who wants to save has the time to
clip coupons before they shop. Her book tailors practical advice to
different types of shoppers, and enables even the busiest consumers
to save up to 30% by shopping strategically.

A new wave of couponing is taking the nation by storm, and Stephanie
Nelson knows all the tricks of the trade. To learn more about new
couponing trends and for an online tutorials, go to