Monday, August 15, 2011

The Smith Brothers Choose Lake Norman for Third Feature Film, "Infliction"

A taste of Hollywood is coming to the Lake Norman area. Brothers Jack
Thomas Smith (right) and local Michael Smith (left) are bringing
shooting and production of the feature film "Infliction" to the Lake
Norman area.

This is the third feature film the two have produced together. Their
last feature film "Disorder" was released nationwide on DVD by
Universal and New Light Entertainment, and was screened at The Cannes
Film Festival and the Raindance Film Festival in London. "Infliction"
is being produced and shot on location in the Lake Norman area from
start to finish.

Jack Smith, the writer, producer and director of Infliction, will
personally be at the open auditions, August 27 from 10-3 & August 28
from 12-4 at Lake Norman Performing Arts,
Michael Smith's wife, Erika Smith, is the Owner & Director of Lake
Norman Performing Arts, which is also serving as the production
facility for Infliction. Michael Smith said, "The movie needs over
200 extras and supporting roles ages 3 and up, so there is plenty of
opportunity for people in the community to be in this film. Also,
Lake Norman Performing Arts is having their Open House the same
weekend as the auditions, so it's a great chance for everyone to see
what a wonderful studio my wife has built for this area."

The brothers have a long history of making movies and music starting
in childhood. Born in Philadelphia, PA, they lived there until their
family relocated to a quiet island community in Michigan, which would
later serve as Jack's inspiration for another upcoming film In the
Dark. Jack began to write at a very young age after reading the
Stephen King novels Salem's Lot and The Shining. By the time he was
eleven, he had written a 300-page novel and a number of short stories.
Michael began playing guitar and writing songs when he was five. His
early favorite musicians were Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones
among others.

The Smith family later moved to Sparta, NJ. It was there that Jack
discovered the films of George A. Romero and Stanley Kubrick. Inspired
to make movies, Jack wrote and directed a handful of short films that
were shot on Super 8mm and starred his brother and friends in all of
the roles. Michael began his role as executive producer even then. His
brother's biggest supporter, he was always there to help bring the
production together.

As a young adult, Jack began his career by producing the feature film
The Regenerated Man, which was written and directed by Ted Bohus. He
has since written and directed many other films. In 1998, Smith was
instrumental in the re-release of Night of the Living Dead for its
30th anniversary. He worked with John Russo in the securing of funds
for the shooting of new footage and assisted in the hiring of
crewmembers. Smith's production company is currently developing the
action/horror film In The Dark, the drama Illegals, and the comedy
Ties That Bind.

In addition to Michael Smith being the executive producer of the film,
he is also the songwriter of the music that will be in the film.
Michael has had songs in movies and commercials, and last year won a
Collective Works award in VH1's Song of the Year contest. Michael's
inspiration for writing songs has always come from his experiences. He
played in numerous bands throughout the New York tri-state area and
opened for bands such as Blues Traveler and Warrant. Michael currently
writes songs, sings, plays guitar, piano, drums and bass guitar.
Michael also owns and operates several medical practices in the
Southeast. For more information about the Open Audition and the film
Infliction go to