Friday, August 26, 2011

Mayor Foxx To Lead Delegation To China For Economic Development

Mayor Anthony Foxx will lead a delegation of local business and civic
leaders traveling to China to meet with Chinese government and
business leaders in Beijing, Baoding, Langfang and Shanghai November
10 - 19, 2011.

The trip will focus on economic development, including expanding
investment in Charlotte, building on city's new EcoPartnership with
Langfang, and highlighting Charlotte's emergence as a global energy
hub. This will be Mayor Foxx's first international visit since taking
office in December 2009.

Among the trip's highlights, the delegation will visit the energy
facilities of Boading Tianwei, ENN Group in Langfang and Jetion Solar
outside of Shanghai. In July 2011, Jetion Solar (a subsidiary of
Jetion Solar China, Ltd.) opened the company's North American sales
and service center in Charlotte. While in Shanghai, the Charlotte
International Cabinet and corporate sponsors will host a Business
Networking Reception for the Mayor's delegation, representatives of
Chinese companies with a presence in Charlotte and 15 members of the
North Carolina General Assembly visiting China with a separate

"China's economy has grown into the second largest in the world.
Seventeen Chinese companies are already invested in the Charlotte
region. We believe this number has the potential to grow exponentially
over the coming decades. Increasing our knowledge of China and
building relationships in China today will create jobs in Charlotte in
the future. We applaud Mayor Foxx for his leadership and are pleased
to partner on his mission to China," said Bob Morgan, Charlotte
Chamber President.

While in Langfang, the Mayor's delegation will meet with local
political leaders and energy executives to strengthen the Charlotte's
EcoPartnership relationship, established in May 2010, between the City
of Charlotte, the City of Langfang, Duke Energy and ENN Group to focus
on cleaner energy generation, smart grid technologies and energy
efficiency solutions.

In Baoding, the delegation will meet with political officials and
celebrate the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Boading-Charlotte
Sister City relationship, an alliance that has helped to foster
multiple exchanges between the cities. Over the past decade, the
Chinese government has designated Boading as the "Electricity Valley"
with approximately 170 renewable energy companies with operations
established there. The parallel economic situations of Charlotte and
Baoding have created an opportunity to leverage the Sister City
relationship into direct commercial and investment ties.

"We are delighted to have Mayor Foxx join the Charlotte International
Cabinet to promote international relationships with Charlotte. For the
first time in over a decade, the CIC is able to engage a Mayor in
direct citizen diplomacy in Baoding. We are excited to utilize
existing funds to promote economic development and advance educational
exchange opportunities between our two cities," said Charlotte
International Cabinet Baoding Committee Chair and Executive Board
member Rory McNicholas.

Mayor Foxx's travel to China is paid for by the Charlotte
International Cabinet. The CIC receives funding from a variety of
sources, including the City of Charlotte to promote Charlotte as an
international city and serve as a resource to foster international
relationships. The CIC budget directs a portion of their funding
specifically for Mayoral visits to Sister Cities. The rest of the
delegation will be sponsored by local companies.

Businesses can sponsor the Mayor's Delegation to China with a donation
to the Charlotte International Cabinet, a 501(c) 3 organization that
promotes Charlotte as an international city and serves as a resource
to foster international relationships. For more information on the
sponsorship packages, contact Alexis Gordon at (704) 336-2174 or visit