Friday, August 12, 2011

School Buses: On the road again

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus drivers will practice their routes
for five days each morning and afternoon before the first day of
school, Aug. 25. Around 950 school buses will conduct dry runs over
the five-day period, starting Aug. 15.

Drivers will practice driving their routes to become familiar with the
street network and bus stop locations. Drivers will not be picking up
students during the dry runs. As the buses will be on the roads from
approximately 6 a.m. to noon, it is important that the motoring public
plan for a little extra time in their morning commute next week.

Beginning Aug. 25, we ask that all drivers be extra cautious and alert
around stopped school buses. It is vital we all work together to make
it a safe opening of schools for CMS students.

"Our students' safety to and from school is our number-one priority,"
said Carol Stamper, executive director of transportation.
Parents should check the location of their child's bus stop before
school starts. Suggestions for parents and children include:
· Walk to and from your child's bus stop to become familiar
with its location.
· Ensure that your child arrives at his/her stop 10 to 15
minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
· Tell children to cross the street in front of the school bus
after the stop arm and hazard lights come on.
· Remind children to tell the bus driver if something is
dropped near the bus.
· Remind children to tell a school administrator or police
officer about any disruptive behavior or suspicious activity at stops.

Transportation information, including bus-stop locations, pick-up and
drop-off times and bus route-numbers, is being mailed to families.
Parents with questions about transportation or a bus stop should call
the school or the Transportation office at 980-343-6715. Parents can
also fill out a transportation service request form online to request
changes to their child's transportation schedule.