Friday, August 26, 2011

Charlotte doctors start innovative program for teen weight loss

America's children are facing a major health crisis of obesity. The
Centers for Disease Control reports 32% of American children are
overweight. That number has doubled from the 1980s. What's worse, 17%
of the nation's children and teens are considered obese. That number
has tripled in the same time span. Our kids are locked in a vicious,
unhealthy cycle that can create lifelong medical problems unless
there's a dramatic lifestyle change.

"I am bringing PowerPlay™ to the Queen City because I believe it is
critical to intervene at an early age to disrupt this dangerous
cycle," says Dr. Matt Neulander, Medical Director at Medi-Weightloss
Clinics® in North Carolina. "Current research shows 80% of children
ages 10-15 who battle obesity persist to become obese adults by age 25
and if not treated, adult obesity can lead to the full complement of
weight-associated conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and
some cancers."

Powerplay™ was designed by trained physicians and medical experts in
the fields of pediatrics, public health, bariatrics and education. It
is one of the first physician–supervised, comprehensive weight loss
programs designed specifically to meet the needs of adolescents aged
12-18. Powerplay™ consists of individual and family consultation to
provide guidance, motivation and support, along with multivitamin and
calcium supplements specially formulated for teens, plus nutrition and
exercise education.

The Powerplay™ program counters the major catalysts for childhood
obesity; lack of physical activity, increased portion size, poor diet,
the overabundance of fast food and increased screen time (both
television and computer). In addition, weight gain can make it even
more difficult for a child to exercise due to embarrassment or rapid
exhaustion, which increases the chances of further weight gain. The
cycle continues until the child begins to suffer from weight related
medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes. These issues may
further the development of low self-esteem and even depression, which
in turn can lead to increased eating and diminished exercise.

"I have seen what obesity does to children- mentally and physically-
in my work at Miami Children's Hospital," says pediatrician Dr. Sejal
Shah, medical director for PowerPlay™. "As a mother of two children, I
know every parent wants the best for their child. That's why I'm
confident the PowerPlay™ program can improve the health and quality of
life for every children enrolled in the program."

Medi-Weightloss Clinics® is now offering PowerPlay™ in its three
Charlotte, NC locations: Ballantyne, South Park, and Northlake,
Midlothian, and Glen Allen, VA, and Irmo, SC. Please call for more
information or visit