Friday, August 12, 2011

13000 Runners to Compete in Warrior Dash Carolinas

Warrior Dash is the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes and
party-goers. On Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28, fearless
runners will head to 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville, to take on 11
intense obstacles over 3.08 miles of extreme terrain and celebrate
with friends and family during an all day festival with live music,
food and beer.

Warrior Dash will have participants jumping through fire, crawling
through mud pits, climbing over vehicles and working their way through
nine additional grueling obstacles. The first wave of the race will
begin at 10am, followed by waves of 500 racers taking off to battle
the course every half hour until the last group at 4:30pm.

Race Director Alex Yount says, "Warrior Dash is an event that runners
and spectators will never forget. After conquering an insane physical
challenge, racers celebrate with live music, beer and food, alongside
their fellow Warriors, friends and family."

Warrior Dash is nationally partnered with GreenSneakers, an
organization with a uniquely effective and environmentally friendly
fundraising opportunity that delivers local and global impact. With
GreenSneakers and the help of Warriors, donated tennis shoes are given
a second chance at life, keeping them out of local landfills all while
providing a great way for an organization to implement an
environmentally friendly fund raiser. This year with the help of Real
Warriors with Real Heart, GreenSneakers expects up to 300,000 pounds
of donations, equaling 176,000 pairs.

Participants are encouraged to suit up in their best Warrior attire
and are crowned with fuzzy Warrior helmets prior to racing. Turkey
legs and other Warrior grub will be available for purchase. Spectators
are welcome to enjoy the live music playing throughout the day, watch
the Warriors tackle the obstacles near the finish line and participate
in the other activities on site.

For more information, visit, watch the video on the
Red Frog Events' YouTube Channel, or contact Alex Yount at
(630)881-7439 or

Warrior Dash is a mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell.
This fierce running series is held on the most challenging and rugged
terrain across the world. Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push
their limits and celebrate with live music, beer and Warrior helmets.