Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mayor's Youth Employment Program Seeks Small Business Participation

The Mayor's Youth Employment Program (MYEP) was launched in 1986 as a
means for the City of Charlotte to provide meaningful employment
opportunities for youth. The program partners with community
organizations that refer students, ages 16-18 to be placed with host
employers from the public and private sector.

The MYEP is located in the City's Economic Development Office (EDO), a
division which also manages the Small Business Opportunity (SBO)
Program. As we move into another year in which we face certain
economic challenges, the City continues to work fervently to offer
opportunities for our community to progress and grow. One such
opportunity is the Mayor's Youth Employment and SBO Program. This
partnership will offer City-certified Small Business Enterprises
(SBEs) an opportunity to hire MYEP participants through a City funded
internship, allowing our youth to gain a greater understanding of
career demands and develop skill sets to compete in today's global
The MYEP, SBO collaboration, will both promote and support small
businesses and youth development. The MYEP will provide a $1200
subsidy to youth working with partnering SBEs. Subsidy requirements
are listed as follows:

· Youth participants must work with SBEs for a 6-week
internship from June-August (City funded)

· SBEs must be willing to employ youth participants for 2
weeks prior to the start of the City funded internship (at SBEs expense)

· Interns must be paid at a rate of $8 per hour

· Participants must work a minimum of 20 hours a week

SBE Host Employer Partnership

As an SBE youth employer, the SBE firm will receive:

· A pre-screened intern who has completed a job skills
training course, background test/drug screening

· Direct support and monitoring of the intern through regular
communications with program staff

· Increased productivity from having interns employed in
meaningful task and project work

· Community recognition

· FREE assistance from a motivated, committed youth

SBE Host Employer Requirements

SBEs are required to attend an orientation breakfast meeting with
Mayor Foxx prior to the start of the program. The SBE must identify a
supervisor who will be able to devote significant time to mentor the
intern, provide a clear job description for the intern and provide the
intern with an orientation and any specialized training required.

SBEs who are interested in becoming host employers must complete an
employer registration form and provide a detailed letter summarizing
your employment needs, along with an outline that includes the job
framework for the youth participant. Contact the Mayor's Youth
Employment Program to request an application for an intern.
Applications and must be completed and returned to the Economic
Development Office by May 30, 2010.

Economic Development and MYEP staff will match SBEs with youth
participants according to the career interest of the youth and the
needs of the SBE host employer.

MYEP Interns

All youth who are interested in participating in the MYEP must be a
Charlotte Mecklenburg high school student 16-18 years of age; referred
by one of our community partners. Youth must show that they are
motivated, demonstrate work experience or extracurricular activities;
provide a professional/personal reference; and be able to articulate
their chosen career interest in a short 500 word essay.
For more information or to apply for the program contact:

Dawn M. Hill

Mayor's Youth Employment Program

704.336.4445 or