Thursday, January 17, 2013

Understanding the Affordable Care Act - Rep. Pittenger To Host Seminar

The Affordable Care Act has been debated and litigated but has been largely upheld by the courts. President Obama's health care reform plan is now the law of the land.

To help small business owners, individuals, and healthcare providers prepare for the changes, Congressman Robert Pittenger is hosting an educational seminar on the Affordable Care Act. The purpose is to explain and inform, not to debate.

Mr. Mike Tanner, a senior fellow with the Cato Institute, has prepared a very thorough presentation that will answer these pressing questions:
· What does the Affordable Care Act mean to you and your business?
· Will your premiums go up?
· What about new taxes?
· Who will be impacted by the individual and employer mandates?

"While there is much that I oppose in the Affordable Care Act, the reality is that it's the law and each one of us needs to be prepared for the changes," said Congressman Pittenger. "A broad spectrum of organizations, including AARP, Carolinas Healthcare System, and Central Piedmont Community College have previewed the seminar, and we encourage you to attend this free event."

The Affordable Care Act seminar will be held Tuesday, January 29th, 8 a.m., at CPCC's Harris Conference Center. To register, go or call Chris Sullivan at 704-365-6234.

Additional participants include Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte Chamber, Carolina Business Review, Presbyterian Hospital, AARP North Carolina, NFIB North Carolina, and Carolinas Healthcare System.