Friday, August 24, 2012

"Don't Curse Your Wedding Bed Before You Say I Do" Says Local Minister and Author

Tara White has been sharing her testimony of healing and wholeness.
Through her book, Don't Curse Your Wedding Bed Before You Say I Do,
she recounts her own story of brokenness, rebellion, and the
subsequent reconciliation with the Lord and with the love of her
life. Her experience has inspired her to educate young women and men
and making good and godly choices in relationships. Now a
Relationship Coach, White counsels singles and couples. Through her
God-given insight, White, a minister of the Gospel, has been guiding
singles and couples to better relationships. Here's what some are

"At one point in my life, I felt like giving up. I was broken
hearted, lost and ashamed. I felt like I had nothing left. And then
came a word from Minister Tara White that changed my life and reminded
me that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. She
reminded me that I can win as long as I keep my head to the sky. It
made a great difference in my life." – T.R.

"I was abused, misused and discouraged with my then husband, of eight
years. We had gotten into another physical fight and I had promised
myself that the next time he hit me, I had to end this marriage. I
had left this man once and felt as if I could not bear to tell my
family again about the abuse I was going through. I was at the very
end of my rope with no money, two kids and too much ungodly pride to
admit-- this marriage was doomed and over. I prayed and called the
only person I knew who would not judge me but would pray for me and
give me sound, Godly advice---Tara White." – W.W.

It's her calling to minister that led her to start God's Promise
Ministries. The ministry was birthed to minister to women, singles,
and youth. It's designed to transform lives by drawing people closer
to God through teaching, uplifting, and encouraging them through the
word of God. The goal is to teach women, youth, and singles to pray
and develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The
ministry also seeks to bring healing to those who are hurting, and
those who are still in the healing process from past wounds, while
restoring them into a right relationship with God. God's Promise
Ministries encourages women to seek healthy relationships, and urges
them to come into a true understanding of their value, worth, and
purpose in life.

The organization, soon to be a 501(c)3, offers an array of workshops,
conferences, and materials that will help people to find themselves in
the Word. This ministry aims to teach younger women that they are
"diamonds in the rough" while encouraging those women to recognize
their worth and value by learning what the word of God has to say
concerning their bodies. These workshops put an emphasis on abstinence
awareness, long and short-term benefits of staying celibate and
encouraging abstinence to all youth and singles. God's Promise
Ministries wants to inform all that "Little becomes much, when placed
on the Master's hands". God's Promise Ministries also wants to remind
all that "the Promises of God in Him, are yes, and in Him AMEN". The
organization will officially launch Fall 2012 with festive celebration
ceremony. More info on the event to come. For more information on
Tara White or God's Promise Ministries, log on to her brand new