Friday, June 15, 2012

Mayor Foxx Introduces Small Business Lending Guide at U.S. Conference of Mayors

At the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual meeting Thursday in Orlando,
Florida, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx introduced his "Mayors' Access
to Capital Resource Guide." The brochure, sponsored by Bank of
America, is designed to serve as a tool for mayors around the country
as they work to help provide their small businesses with the lending
they need to get started and grow.

Foxx is Co-Chair of the Conference of Mayors Small Business and
Franchising Task Force.

"Small businesses are the engines of economic growth across the
country. In Charlotte, they employ 90 percent of our workforce," Foxx
said. "However, in order to prosper, small firms must have access to
capital and credit. In creating this guide, I sought to provide
information to municipal leaders nationwide about how they can help
small businesses in their communities do just that."

"At Bank of America we understand the vital role of small businesses
in the U.S. economy and we are happy to partner with the U.S.
Conference of Mayors to provide this informative guide," said Robb
Hilson, Bank of America Small Business Executive.

The "Mayors' Access to Capital Resource Guide" offers an overview for
mayors of federal programs that facilitate small business lending and
initiatives by large and small lenders to make capital more readily
available for small business start-up or expansion. It also contains
a summary of best practices by individual cities that provide a range
of services to help small businesses secure access to the capital they