Friday, June 22, 2012

Litter in Mecklenburg Drops to 9-Year Low

The annual Litter Index shows Mecklenburg County has less litter today
than at any time since 2003, according to Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful.
The Litter Index is an annual visual assessment of the types and
amount of litter present in the community.

The index is determined by sending volunteers to 50 locations over a
two-day period. Each site is one mile in length. Volunteers observe
the amount of litter present on a scale of one to four with one
indicating no litter and four to represent a lot. This year's record-
setting number is 1.22.

Jake Wilson, executive director of Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful, said
the score indicates there was less debris falling from fewer
construction trucks during the recession, and growth in the popularity
of the Adopt-A-Highway program.

"Our mission statement says Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful wants to
empower the citizens of Mecklenburg County to take greater
responsibility for enhancing their environment," said Wilson. I'm very
happy with the score and want to thank everyone for doing their part."

Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful is a service of the County's Land Use and
Environmental Services Agency (LUESA). It was certified as an official
chapter of Keep America Beautiful in 2004. It serves to educate the
public about the benefits of properly disposing of litter and it also
organizes the local effort for national public clean-up events like
Litter Sweep, Swat-A-Litterbug and the Great American Clean-up.