Friday, June 22, 2012

Charlotte Council members Autry, Howard, Kinsey, Mayfield and Mitchell Release CIP Reduction Proposal

The Charlotte City Manager's recommended $926.4M CIP is supported by a
3.6 cent property tax increase. A new CIP proposal from several
Council members reduces the CIP to $797.4 million ($129.0M reduction)
and reduces the property tax rate increase to 3.16 cents. To achieve
the reduction, this proposal would defer consideration of a 2018 bond
cycle – and any associated funding components – to a future CIP
discussion. In other words, the CIP would cover three bond cycles
(2012, 2014, and 2016) instead of four (out to 2018). A summary of the
changes to achieve the reduction are outlined below:

• Reduced and deleted project funding o Idlewild Rd./Monroe Rd.
Intersection: ($4.0M) from 2018. Project deleted
o Sidewalk and Bikeway Improvements: ($2.0M) from 2018
o Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety: ($15.0M) from 2018
o Traffic Control and Bridges: ($14.0M) from 2018
o Sweden Rd. Maintenance Yard Replacement: ($21.75M) [$18.75M from
2018; $3.0M from 2016]. Project deleted.
o Northeast Equipment Maintenance Facility ($8.25M) [$2.0M from 2014; $
$6.25M from 2016] Project deleted
o Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program ($20.0M) from 2018
o Affordable Housing: ($15.0M) from 2018
o I-85 North Bridge #1 Project ($15.0M) [$3.0M from 2012; $12.0M from
2016]. Project deleted
o UNCC Informatics and Innovation Partnership ($10.0M) from 2012.
Project deleted
o Land Purchase for Future Fire Stations ($4.0M) from 2014. Project
• Shifted project funding from 2018 to 2016 o Northeast Corridor
Infrastructure (NECI): $26.25M from 2018 to 2016. Total NECI funding

o Police Station: $9.0M for Independence Division Station in 2018
moved up to 2016 for a total of $29M in 2016 (Police station total
remains $56.5M for 6 stations)

• Shifted project funding from 2014 to 2016 o 26-Mile Cross Charlotte
Multi-Use Trail: $35.0M from 2014 to 2016. Total funding unchanged