Friday, June 22, 2012

Charlotte Named Fifth Best City in America for Happy Marriages

Planning a summer wedding? Hoping for a lifetime of wedded bliss?
The likelihood that your partnership will grow into a long, happy
marriage may depend on where you live. And according to the 2012
RealAge Report, folks who live in Charlotte have a great shot –
ranking #5.

Says RealAge: "One of HGTV's Top '20 Great Gardens' in the U.S., the
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a hotspot for weddings in the City of
Trees. We're guessing that's where the not-so-newlyweds in the
Charlotte area spend a chunk of their free time, too. If so, it could
be the secret to their marital bliss. Researchers have found that
spending just 5 minutes a day outside in a natural setting seriously
lifts your mood and your self-esteem, which makes both you and your
mate way more fun to be around."

According to the 2012 RealAge Report, the happiest marriages in
America hail from these top 10 cities:


"A happy marriage is a key factor in influencing RealAge, or your
body's individual 'health age,'" says Dr. Mike Roizen, founder of
RealAge and The RealAge Test®, and Chief Wellness Officer of The
Cleveland Clinic. A long-term, loving relationship can make a woman's
RealAge as much as 2.5 years younger and a man's 4.2 years younger.

Why? Says Dr. Roizen: "Happily married men and women enjoy better
overall health, are less depressed and anxious than single, divorced
or widowed Americans. And a happy marriage is even more important for
men - which helps explain why insurance premiums are higher for a
divorced or single man. Happily married people encourage healthy
behaviors - like eating well - and discourage unhealthy activities
like smoking. Add emotional support through good times and bad as
well as laughter to the equation, and you've got a recipe better
tasting than mom's apple pie."

Marriage is one of the 22 individual factors used to rank the youngest
and oldest metro areas in the country revealed in the 2012 RealAge
Report , an analysis of the 2011 regional data generated by the
patented RealAge Test® .'s landmark online assessment has
been taken by over 29 million people since its inception in 1998.

Wondering how your own marriage measures up? Take the online RealAge
Marriage Test and find out how you core on 7 essential marriage skills
- among them, setting ground rules, spending time together, and
resolving conflict. If you're married but sometimes feel as if you're
"no longer in love," or are afraid your relationship is in trouble,
the free assessment will help you to discover how to fall in love
again . . . with your spouse.

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