Friday, November 4, 2011

Kerr Drug Launches Thanksgiving Food Drive

Every family deserves to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. But
during these difficult economic times, many families simply cannot
afford such a meal. That's why Kerr Drug, the pioneer in community
pharmacy, is launching a new community based effort to help North
Carolina families celebrate the national holiday. Collection bins
will be located at the front of every Kerr Drug store Customers are
asked to purchase non-perishable food items needed for a Thanksgiving
dinner and place them in the collection bins.

Where: Every Kerr Drug store is collecting food items to help families
in their community.

Who: The Kerr Cares for Kids Foundation has identified organizations
in the community around every Kerr Drug store that can distribute food
items to families in need. The Kerr Drug staff will deliver the food
to the organizations in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

When: Collection bins will be set up through November 15th. Purchase
the food items and drop them in the collection bins found in each store.

Why: Because Kerr Drug employees are hearing how challenging it is for
families to get through these difficult times, Kerr Drug and its Kerr
Cares for Kids Foundation is trying to help. Kerr Drug and its Kerr
Cares for Kids Foundation launched a school supply collection in
August that helped 90 organizations across the state, including Boys
and Girls clubs, mission houses, women's shelters, Catholic Charities
and many churches.

General Information

KCFK is a private foundation founded in 2000. KCFK directly supports
and benefits children and adolescents who are underprivileged, who are
challenged, or who need assistance to overcome debilitating or left-
threatening health conditions. KCFK's mission is to provide a solid
base of resources to support various child and adolescent centered
charities and health alliances principally focused throughout the
Carolina's region.

As a 501(c) 3, the proceeds raised from the KCFK golf tournament has
supported such worthwhile programs and organizations such as the NC
Special Olympics, Duke Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald Houses of
Chapel Hill and Durham and the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental

"Since our founding 60 years ago, Kerr Drug has been a pioneer in
neighborhood pharmacy and we are thankful for the community support we
have received," says Anthony "Tony" Civello, CEO of Kerr Drug. "What
better ways to show our thanks than to help families in our
communities celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday."

About Kerr Drug

Kerr Drug is one of the most recognized and respected names in the
chain drug industry. With its roots in the Carolinas and headquarters
in Raleigh, N.C., Kerr Drug's strategic direction is founded in its
unique ability to provide patients, the medical community, and health
plans access to the most comprehensive and convenient health and
wellness offering in the industry. With a mission to be the most
comprehensive provider of pharmacy and related healthcare services,
while continuing to be the most reliable provider of health-related
and convenience items, Kerr is currently providing services that far
exceed the traditional drug store mix. For more information, please