Friday, March 4, 2011

Bank of America Donates $1.5 Million to Combat Hunger Through Newly Established Gift for Opportunity(TM) Fund

As hunger relief organizations continue to confront the alarming
number of Americans at risk of experiencing food insecurity, Bank of
America today announced a combined $1.5 million donation to Feeding
America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America through its newly
established "Gift for Opportunity" fund. This donation, made possible
due in part to Bank of America customers and associates who made
charitable contributions to the fund over the course of six weeks
starting in December, will help these organizations and their networks
serve more than 40 million Americans, including children, families and
The Bank of America "Gift for Opportunity" fund is a new, nationwide
program that extends the combined charitable giving of the bank's
customers and associates through a corporate match. During times
throughout the year, Bank of America plans to activate the "Gift for
Opportunity" fund to support a variety of critical community needs
important to both the bank and its customers.

"The issue of food insecurity really motivated our customers and
associates to give generously of their money and time," said Kerry
Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. "The
money we give in terms of charitable grants is extremely important,
but it's also our associates who give their time and their talents to
provide opportunities for the families and children in the communities
we serve."

Volunteerism is a vital complement to the "Gift for Opportunity" fund.
Bank of America associates donated more than 1 million volunteer hours
to support a variety of community organizations and causes, including
food insecurity, with more than 50 events focused on helping to
alleviate hunger in December alone.

Bank of America is a longtime supporter of both organizations and the
donation is in addition to the combined $17 million that the
Foundation has directed to these nonprofit partners and their networks
since 2008.

In its first use of the fund, the Bank of America Charitable
Foundation donated $1 million to support Feeding America, the nation's
leading hunger-relief organization, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of
America, which provides a safe place for children to obtain nutritious
meals through its network of 4,000 Clubs.

"This generous donation will have a real impact in the lives of so
many people, allowing families, children and the elderly to receive
food and nourishment," said Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of
Feeding America. "We are extremely grateful for the support from Bank
of America and donors to the 'Gift for Opportunity' fund."

"Partnering with Bank of America enables our food program and Kids
Café to function successfully in local communities nationwide," said
Roxanne Spillett, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
"Given the financial and volunteer support of the 'Gift for
Opportunity' fund, we can help Boys & Girls Club members secure
nutritious snacks and meals that are critical to ensuring a great

The Bank of America "Gift for Opportunity" fund is administered
through the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund, a tax-exempt
organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Bank of America customers and associates made their donations at the
bank's 5,800 banking centers nationwide or by going online.

For more information about the Bank of America "Gift for Opportunity"
fund, visit