Thursday, January 14, 2010

Real Estate Services, Roberts win awards

Mecklenburg County Real Estate Services Director Mark Hahn and Board
of County Commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts are being recognized
for their thinking, literally.

Both were honored recently with the "Creative Thinker Awards" by the
Chicago-based Counselors of Real Estate.

Roberts, who is in her third term on the BOCC, received her award for
"her forward thinking public policy initiatives that pave the way for
the county to aggressively pursue sustainable development."

Since being elected, Roberts has been a vocal proponent of sustainable
development and sound environmental policies.
Hahn was "the orchestrator of a team… that converted the down and out
Freedom Mall into a cutting-edge example of what mixed use office and
retail revitalization can do for a struggling neighborhood," the
organization said.

The County facility, formerly called the Freedom Mall, is at 3205
Freedom Drive and has been re-named the Valerie C. Woodard Center.

The facility is a converted mall that houses County social services,
Information Services and Technology, and Real Estate Services offices.
The County will seek LEED certification for the facility, which
incorporates several green-building features such as rainwater
collection and storage, rain gardens, an under-floor air distribution
system, extensive use of recycled materials throughout the building,
and eco-friendly paints, carpets and furniture.

The second phase of the building's renovation was completed in April.
The third phase will expand the size of the facility to 400,000 square

Frank Warren, Carolinas Chapter president, said, "We saw a number of
extraordinary projects, both large and small, worthy of recognition.
We want this award to encourage creative solutions to complicated
development opportunities, particularly those in urban areas that can
promote the principles of long-term sustainability."

The Counselors of Real Estate is a by-invitation-only international
organization of 1,100 real estate professionals with proven experience
finding solutions for real estate projects.