Monday, January 4, 2010

BBRRRR! Bundle up - and protect your water pipes from extreme cold

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (Utilities) crews are repairing at
least four leaks and others are under investigation. If you see water
leaking onto a street or sidewalk, please call 311 or 704-336-7600.

Utilities encourages customers to protect their plumbing in a home or
business. Taking steps now can prevent burst water pipes and costly
repairs later.

Try these tips:
* Insulating exposed pipes in unheated areas. Pipe wrapping material
is available at your local hardware.
* Sealing any openings and air leaks in your crawl space or basement.
Use cardboard, plastic or newspaper to seal air vents if necessary.
* Open doors on cabinets below sinks to allow warmer room air to
circulate around plumbing at night.
* Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor spigots.
* Unplug automatic lawn sprinkler systems if you have one. Irrigation
line breaks and sprinklers spraying onto sidewalks and roadways will
quickly lead to serious public safety hazards.
* If you own a backflow prevention assembly, contact Utilities
backflow staff at 704.399.2426 for tips on properly winterizing your