Friday, January 22, 2010

Charlotte shredding service now offers drop-off service for individuals

If you need to destroy old bank statements, outdated files, or other
documents taking up space in your home, there's an easy, safe way to
do it.

Charlotte shredding service ProShred Charlotte now offers service to
individuals. The company, known for its on-site, mobile shredding
service for businesses, now accepts drop-offs from individuals at its
location at 801 Clanton Road in Charlotte.

The cost is $10 per file box, up to four boxes. After that, the price
is $40 per bin. A bin can hold up to 10 15-inch file boxes. There's no
maximum, so you can get rid of years' worth of papers. The minimum
order is just $10.

Your documents are secured in locked bins and then destroyed in one of
ProShred's shredding trucks upon return from their daily routes.
ProShred employees are trained and certified to provide secure
document destruction, and are background-screened and drug-tested
regularly. You will receive a certificate in the mail that your
documents have been destroyed if you choose.

ProShred accepts drop-offs from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.
Items that can be shredded include obsolete tax documents, cancelled
checks, credit card statements or receipts, old business records, and
old insurance documents. There's no need to remove binder covers,
binder clips or staples before bringing the documents to ProShred.

For more, see
franchise_id=18&id=578 , call 1-877-767-4733 or 704/940-5617.
ProShred is a Charlotte shredding service dedicated to on-site
shredding, the most secure, convenient and cost-effective method for
destroying and recycling confidential documents and materials. The
company also provides hard-drive destruction for end-of-life computers.