Friday, January 22, 2010

Extreme Pita Putting a 'Wrap' On Charlotte With Half-Priced Pitas Jan. 29-30

Continuing to set a new bar in convenient, healthy dining, Extreme
Pita announces the opening of its newest restaurant in Charlotte.
Located in Ballantyne Village, the new restaurant is the Canadian
franchisor's first franchise location in the area and part of an
expansion initiative that calls for 15-20 restaurants throughout the
greater metropolitan area in the next five years.

Extreme Pita will be hosting a grand opening event January 29-30,
during which time customers will receive half-priced pitas. In
addition, the first 25 customers will receive free pitas for an entire

"We're extremely excited about bringing Extreme Pita's fresh and
healthy menu to Charlotte," said Tracy Olson, owner and operator of
the new restaurant. "We look forward to feeding the local appetite and
answering the call for healthful quick serve alternatives."

Positioned in a niche between monster fast food outlets and fast
casual dining environments, Extreme Pita offers consumers convenience
and value with its large selection of fresh and nutritious pita
sandwiches. Featuring a "no rules" menu that customizes every rolled
pita to suit the individual tastes of its health conscious customers,
Extreme Pita serves all pitas fresh or sautéed in water, not oil,
right in front of the customer. Sandwich options range from tuna,
steak and ham to vegetarian options, including falafel and hummus,
among others.

According to Olson, Extreme Pita's fresh and healthy menu is keeping
the burgeoning franchise ahead of the competition, emphasizing that
while the down economy has forced some consumers to reduce their
frequency of eating out, others are simply looking for more healthful
and cost-conscious options.

"The current economic climate presents a great opportunity for us, as
consumers are constantly making trade-offs and looking for value when
it comes to their dining options," she added. "While many consumers
are downgrading from casual dining to QSR, they prefer not to
compromise their choice in food. Good economy or bad, customers want
to enjoy foods they crave without sacrificing freshness, nutritional
value and taste."

Extreme Pita was co-founded by Alex and Mark Rechichi in 1997. Their
desire was to provide a product that would compete against traditional
fast food concepts. Right from the start their idea was simple – sell
fresh and healthy food. After a great deal of research and
experimenting, Extreme Pita became the answer to this quest. Today the
company boasts more than 235 locations in North America and is
experiencing a double digit growth rate. For more information on
Extreme Pita,