Friday, March 2, 2012

New Mecklenburg County Residential Building Code Becomes Law

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement reminds its customers that the
North Carolina 2012 Residential Building Code went into effect March 1
in accordance with state law.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI), Office of the State
Fire Marshal, has not yet posted the final online version of the 2012
Residential Building Code, but has given the green light for the draft
version to be used starting March 1 until the final version is posted.
Due to unexpected delays in the final adoption of the code at the
state level, printed versions of the 2012 Residential Building Code
will not be available until later this year.

No delays in the permitting process are anticipated, County code
officials say.

"The North Carolina Department of Insurance will allow the use of the
code marked 'draft' to receive and review applications and issue
permits," said James N. Bartl, director of Mecklenburg County Code
Enforcement, in a statement sent to customers.

Once a final version of the Residential Building Code is posted,
Mecklenburg County will then enforce that code on any remaining
construction for those permits issued under the "draft" period, Bartl
added. Although the Department of Insurance indicates that there
should be no substantive changes, the permit holder will be required
to comply with any changes found in the final version posted on the
their website and the subsequent printed version.