Saturday, March 24, 2012

Local Author Floats Secret Family Legacy in Debut Novel, 'A Familiar Shore'

'A Familiar Shore,' by Jennifer Fromke of Concord, brings readers
alongside Meg, a young lawyer whose past crashes into her present when
she takes on an anonymous client.

Meg Marks is a young lawyer raised off the coast of the Carolinas. An
anonymous client hires her to arrange his will and sends her to meet
his estranged family at their lake home in northern Michigan. After a
shocking discovery, she finds herself caught between his suspicious
family and a deathbed promise her conscience demands that she keep.
Will she sacrifice her own dreams to the pursuit of revenge, or will
she forgive and leave the door open for possible happiness?

Traveling along the southeastern seaboard, touching down in Charlotte,
NC, and lingering on Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan, A Familiar
Shore sweeps the reader from salty whitecaps to freshwater storms,
while bringing to life a quirky but down to earth set of characters.

Fromke says, "This multi-layered story explores a father's regrets, a
lonely daughter's drive for a place to belong, and the ugliness that
can result from sibling rivalry."

The novel takes place on Memorial Day weekend, when families all
across America begin their summer fun. Its nautical settings and theme
make it the perfect read to accompany watersports on the lake, chasing
waves at the beach, or dipping a toe in poolside.

The 2010 ACFW Genesis Award for Women's Fiction was awarded to
Jennifer for this novel.

A Familiar Shore is available in print and digital formats at
and other outlets.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Michigan, Jennifer Fromke writes from Concord,
North Carolina where she lives with her family and their needy Prozac
dog. She graduated with a literature major from Wheaton College,
regularly attends writing conferences and workshops, and participates
in a dynamic critique group, The Yay-Sayers. When separated from her
laptop, you can find her curled up in a corner with a latte in one
hand and her e-reader in the other, daydreaming about her annual
escape to a lake in northern Michigan.