Thursday, May 3, 2012

City of Charlotte Celebrates Small Business Month

Mayor Anthony Foxx and the Charlotte City Council declared May as
Small Business Month at a kickoff event this morning where more than a
dozen small businesses were recognized for their contributions to our
economy. Over the course of the month, the City and its partners will
host several events to celebrate, educate and inspire the more than
30,000 small businesses operating in Charlotte.

"Small Business month provides us an opportunity to stop and recognize
the many contributions of the entrepreneurs and small businesses that
make Charlotte great, not just by providing needed goods and services,
but by driving innovation, creating jobs, and investing in our
community," said Mayor Anthony Foxx.

Small businesses are an essential ingredient to growing and sustaining
our economy. As such, the City, County, Chamber and other partners
have been working collaboratively to make Charlotte the premier place
for small business investment and growth. One of these collaborative
projects is Charlotte Business, a web portal to connect
business owners with information and resources related to the stage of
their business or important topics such as financing, licensing and
permitting and contracting.

In addition, the City and its partners have created events throughout
the month where small businesses can learn new skills, receive
information on critical business issues, network and be celebrated. A
complete list of events is attached. For more information about
Charlotte Small Business Month and the thousands of small businesses
and entrepreneurs that make the community great, please visit: <