Friday, April 13, 2012

Oaklawn Language Academy PTSA Gives back to the Charlotte

With today's economy, homelessness is at an all-time high and the PTSA
at Oaklawn Language Academy is joining the fight against
homelessness. Oaklawn Walks for Life is about improving lives, not
only in helping to make someone's life better but also teaching the
students at Oaklawn a life lesson about caring for others.

Students, parent, neighbors, and the community of Charlotte will
participate in a 3k walk/run. The walk-run will begin at 9 am on
April 14, 2012. Register by April 10, 2012 and receive a discount.
Early registration is $15.00. Register the day of the event at 1810
Oaklawn Ave, Charlotte NC 28216 from 8-8:45. Late registration is
$20.00. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Men's Shelter of

Information about Oaklawn Language Academy:

Our staff, parents and the community are united in our commitment to
raise 21st century global citizens. Our vision statement concentrates
on developing an excellent dual language immersion program to promote
bilingual, biliterate and bicultural 21st century learners. Oaklawn
Language Academy is currently a full magnet program offering language
immersion education in Spanish for grades K - 6. Language immersion
education uses a foreign language as the medium of instruction for the
standard course of study. Research confirms the benefits of language
immersion education go beyond acquiring a foreign language to improve
skills in math and science in higher grades. Native speakers from
throughout the world staff our newly renovated building, located near
Uptown Charlotte.

Information about Men's Shelter of Charlotte:

The mission of the Men's Shelter of Charlotte (MSC) is to be
dedicated to providing safe emergency shelter while working to end
homelessness for each man. For 30 years MSC has ensured that homeless
men have access to shelter while also providing them with meals,
showers, clothing, and other basic necessities. The key to their
success going forward is helping homeless men obtain and maintain both
income and housing. Many of the men they serve are disabled,
veterans, or elderly. For others, however, employment income provides
the path to self-sufficiency, yet they have barriers that make finding
jobs on their own difficult. MSC is working hard to provide better
access to all income avenues for the men we serve. Without some form
of income, housing is impossible. It costs less than $20 per day to
shelter and provide supportive services for one man. The shelter
serves approximately 585 men per night. For additional information
visit their website at:

Come out and support Oaklawn Language Academy's PTSA efforts to
improve the lives of homeless men and the students of Oaklawn.

To donate or become a sponsor please, contact Michelle Delury or Ann
Waller at 980-343-0400.

Register or donate at Oaklawn Language Academys website:

Also, drop off the registration form and entry fee at Oaklawn Language
Academy, 1810 Oaklawn Ave. Charlotte NC 28216.