Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Charlotte's Warranty Direct Publishes New “Consumer’s Guide To Extended Vehicle Warranties and Service Contracts”

Rising consumer interest in extended warranties for used cars, vans
and trucks has prompted Warranty Direct ( of
Charlotte to produce a free "Consumer's Guide to Extended Vehicle
Warranties and Service Contracts."

"With the economy like it is, more and more people are holding on to
their cars longer and realizing that an extended warranty or service
contract can be an economical way to protect their investments," said
Tara Williams, Executive Vice President of Warranty Direct's Charlotte

"Once the manufacturer's warranty expires, the burden is on the
consumer to pay for any repairs, which can run into the thousands of
dollars as the years and mileage add up - unless you are protected by
some sort of extended vehicle warranty or service contract. After the
manufacturer's warranty expires, consumers are likely to face more
expensive repairs involving large mechanical parts, engine or drive
train issues. That's when a service contract can really come in handy
and save owners as much as thousands of dollars."

Williams explained that the new Consumer's Guide contains "a lot of
key information spread across our website,, and
other available resources. We've taken all that helpful information,
condensed it into an 11-page e-book, and made it available free on our
site as a public service."The e-book can be downloaded at
. Other key facts included in this professionally written
publication include:

• "The many benefits of an extended vehicle warranty"

• "How to decide if an extended vehicle warranty is right for

• "How to choose an extended vehicle warranty provider"

• "How repairs and repair payments are handled"

• "Service contract payment options, transfers and

For more than 30 years, Warranty Direct has been part of one of the
largest and most established vehicle service contract companies in
North America. Today Warranty Direct operates primarily on the
Internet, providing full transparency for the consumer so they can see
all options, prices and contracts online prior to purchase. The
company respects consumers by never engaging in unsolicited phone
calls (telemarketing). Warranty Direct is one of the few auto warranty
companies rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.