Friday, April 1, 2011

'Wipe Out Waste' Guide Is Now Available

Whether you're wondering how to safely get rid of that old bucket of
varnish, how you can start your own compost pile, or what can or can't
go in the recycling bin, Mecklenburg County has the answers for you
all in one place.

The 2011/2012 Wipe Out Waste (WOW) Guide Book is out now, and is
available in both print and online versions. For Mecklenburg County
residents, it's the must-read resource on recycling; household
hazardous waste, waste reduction, litter prevention and much more. The
WOW Guide is available at all local libraries and other locations, and
online at

The WOW Guide is a part of the effort by Mecklenburg County to create
a cleaner, safer, more sustainable community by embracing strategies
designed to achieve a better environment. Our focus is on clean-up,
prevention, promotion and awareness, enforcement, and legislation. We
count on partnerships involving government agencies and the public/
private sectors of our community.