Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School Board launches comprehensive review of CMS

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education launched a comprehensive
review of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools at its June 8 meeting. The
review, expected to be completed by November, is intended to help the
Board align decision-making in multiple areas with the goals of the
district's strategic plan as well as take a consistent, strategic
approach to individual issues.

Titled "The Case for Continuous Improvement: A Comprehensive Review of
CMS," the review will address policies guiding such district
operations as magnet schools, transportation, boundaries, projected
enrollments, use of facilities and funding.
It will begin with a series of community forums in June. Click here to
view the Comprehensive Review Web site, which includes the list of
dates and times for the forums.

The community forums will be open to the public so that Board members
and district staff can hear public input on the guiding principles
used in decisions across CMS. The forums will be at three schools and
the Government Center.
"Current economic conditions, as well as a number of issues now
before us, have combined to create an opportunity for a comprehensive
review," said Eric C. Davis, chairperson of the Board. "All of us look
forward to involving the public in this important discussion."

The review will be conducted in a series of steps, some overlapping in

The Board will hold four community forums and three workshops before
July 4.

"The workshops will enable us to start from a common set of facts and
data while also providing an opportunity for us to discuss the issues
and begin a constructive dialogue," Davis said. "The community
engagement forums will allow us to include the community on the front
end of this work by listening to their perspectives."
The Board will apply guiding principles to review CMS programs,
transportation, funding, bell schedules, student assignment,
facilities and capital needs to develop a comprehensive plan for the
2011-2012 school year.