Thursday, June 3, 2010

InChem Corporation of Rock Hill Launches New Website

InChem Corporation of Rock Hill, S.C., a leading supplier of custom
and specialty chemicals to some of the world's leading corporations,
has launched a new website at to promote its global
chemical business.

"Our company is best known for supplying phenoxy resins to major
manufacturers of adhesives, coatings, electronic products, composites,
abrasives and more," said Steve Crownshaw, president of InChem
Corporation. "We currently have a website at created
several years ago to support our phenoxy resins business, particularly
from a technical perspective."

"But in recent years we have expanded significantly, producing a wide
range of custom, contract and specialty chemicals using our primary
production facility, which has 12 reactors, a wide variety of chemical
processing equipment, extensive new laboratory facilities and pilot
plant. The new website outlines these capabilities, as
well as our plant, equipment and technology base. We also have a team
of some of the leading chemists, engineers and industrial safety
experts in the country, whom we highlight on the new site."

Major chemical manufacturers, including many well-known international
firms, come to InChem to save time, money and risk, Crownshaw
explained. "It takes millions of dollars and many months or years to
set up a production facility for a new chemical product," he said. "We
offer the opportunity to make the products these customers need in the
required quantities without that capital expense, and with a faster
start-up. We allow these customers to better control their costs, as
well as decreasing the risks inherent in making a significant
investment of capital and other resources."

InChem Corporation has a 46-acre site at 800 Celriver Road just off
Interstate 77 in Rock Hill. It is part of a $150 million global
corporation with other plants in Lisbon, Portugal, and Johannesburg,
South Africa.

The new website was created for InChem by Lawrimore Communications
Inc. of Charlotte (, a marketing and web design firm.