Friday, May 14, 2010

Girls on the Run, based in Charlotte, offers tips for young girls for the summer

Girls on the Run, a non-profit based in Charlotte, and its founder
Molly Barker are on a mission to inspire 3rd to 8th grade girls to,
"Celebrate their bodies, Honor their Voices; Embrace their Gifts and
Activate their Power."
As a mother to a pre-adolescent girl, Molly understands the importance
and need for conversations around puberty and growing up, especially
as girls cross the bridge from little girl to woman-hood.
She has the following tips on how girls can stay healthy, motivated
and be fearless as they celebrate their Amazing Arms, amazing legs and
amazing spirits with total confidence during the Summer:
· Wearing a good sports bra, athletic shoes that fit fast-
growing feet and wearing a good antiperspirant/deodorant like Secret
Scent Expressions—for strong wetness and odor protection really do the
job to help girls stay focused on staying active.
· The key to not just staying active, but BEING active is having
fun with it! If running isn't your thing, do something that is.
Zumba is fast becoming one of the most inspiring and fun activities
you can do to have fun, keep moving and get your groove on! The best
places to get out and move? Freedom Park offers a fabulous side-walk-
trail around the well-known "duck" lake.
· Figure out whether you enjoy exercising alone or with people.
Some exercisers/runners prefer the company of friends. Meeting a
friend at the park for a morning run makes you more accountable. If
she is going to be waiting for you at 8;00 a.m., you feel a greater
sense of needing to "show up"!
· It's downright HOT in Charlotte in the summer. So keeping
cool, hydrated and comfortable is key to having fun while being
active. Running, walking and hanging out in the outdoors is something
you might consider doing first thing in the morning. Or hit the well-
shaded trails out at McDowell Park or the Davidson College Cross
Country Course.
To learn more check Girls on the Run, check out at!