Saturday, September 6, 2008

Susan Walker's Novel Way To Present Her Political Campaign Message

Charlotte, N.C. – Susan Walker is running for Mecklenburg County
Commission At-Large and is trying to create a point of difference in
the minds of voters between her platform messages and the other at-
large candidates. To roll out her campaign, she is introducing herself
to the community with the welcoming sight and sound of an ice cream
truck throughout towns within Mecklenburg County the weekend of
September 13 and 14.

"The challenges in Mecklenburg County government are quite complex,"
she said. "But, to deliver my fresh approach in providing solutions
to tough government issues like jobs and the economy, education and
human services, I'm using a soft approach to initially be seen, heard
and remembered with a favorite all-American food, ice cream," she
In grappling with difficult issues as a future commissioner to affect
positive change, Walker has carefully prepared herself for the job by
educating herself on the issues, meeting with a wide variety of
business and community leaders and opening dialogue doors to begin
consensus-building among government, non-profit and business
enterprises. "I'm prepared to get to the heart of the issues that
challenge Mecklenburg by working closely with others," she stated.

Her twenty-five year background in corporate sales and in raising
three children single-handedly provide Walker with both transferrable
skills and problem-solving ability as well as an empathetic
perspective in understanding those in our community who are
vulnerable. In addition to her career and raising her children to
become independent adults, she remarried in 2005 to Mike Walker,
changing her name from Susan Krepelka to Susan Walker. Recently, she
and Mike Walker welcomed a new grandchild into their blended families.

Among her accomplishments are training, competing and completing an
Ironman triathlon at the age of 46. "I am well-seasoned in taking on
big challenges, setting goals and seeing the challenges through to the
end. That triathlon took endurance and the rigorous discipline to
swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles then run a complete marathon all at one
time. My goal-setting ability and achieving results, my energy level
and can-do attitude are other advantages that I would bring to the
county as an elected official of the people," she explained. For many
years, Walker was ranked as one of the top runners in her age group in
the Charlotte area.

Walker has volunteered for the school system, acted in local
commercials, supported Community Theater in Matthews and served as a
member of the Mecklenburg Republican Party and the Charlotte-
Mecklenburg Republican Women's Club. She is a graduate of Penn State
University with a degree in Speech Communications.
As a resident of Mecklenburg County for the past twenty years, Walker
provides professional accountability, a solid work ethic and the
ability to problem solve and build consensus with others. These
traits make her astute at providing input into the annual county
budget, setting the county property tax rate, and assessing and
establishing priorities on the many community needs related to health,
education, welfare, mental health and the environment.

When the Walker ice cream truck visits towns throughout Mecklenburg
from Matthews to Davidson, to deliver ice cream and her campaign
message, Walker hopes voters will remember her fresh approach to
government issues in this growing community and her desire to serve as
county commissioner-at-large.

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