Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charlotte Marketing Firm Provides PR for WSN Software

Lawrimore Inc. Provides Public Relations For WSN Software

CHARLOTTE, NC - Charlotte marketing firm Lawrimore Inc. has been retained to provide public relations services for WSN Software of Cameron Park, CA, developer of a new online business directory script.

Since the first release of WSN Links in August 2002, the WSN suite of PHP/MySQL scripts has expanded steadily, said Paul Knierim, creator of the software. The WSN Gallery media gallery was added in 2003, a discussion forum was added in 2004, an article directory in 2005, and a classified ads script in 2007.

Now the latest addition is WSN Directory, "aimed squarely at the needs of online business directory owners," he noted. "Compared to other PHP/MySQL categories, there are relatively few full-functioning business directory scripts available online.

"People have been running business directories by adapting tools like WSN Links for years," Knierim explained, "but this move saves people a lot of time by providing a tool customized to the purpose. It gives undivided attention to the special needs of business directory owners."

"We chose Lawrimore Inc. to assist us with promoting this product because its president, Buck Lawrimore, suggested some enhancements of our popular WSN Links program to make it more appealing to websites needing a business directory script," Knierim added 

WSN Directory, online at http://www.wsndirectory.com, comes equipped with all the components to help a business directory function most effectively:

·      Google maps help visitors find and browse their local businesses

·      Visitors can search for listings with a select number of miles of their zip code or postal code

·      A slideshow helps people explore a listing

·      Ratings and reviews help them verify the experiences of other customers

·      Pages are search-engine friendly, making it easy for results to rank high in search engines

·      An automated setup script sets up WSN Directory in seconds, and updates are also automated with one click


"WSN software is built around the principle of ease of use and full customization," Knierim said. "It can be translated to any language, all HTML output can be edited via templates, and the PHP code can be easily extended without making upgrades difficult. Whether it's a restaurant reviews site or a yellow pages site, WSN Directory is well equipped to help it succeed."

For more information on the software product, visit www.wsndirectory.com or email Knierim at contact@webmastersite.net

For more information on Lawrimore Inc., visit http://www.lciweb.com.