Friday, October 12, 2012

Charlotte school students win top technology awards at state fair

Charlotte's Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology students took home top prizes in the web development and graphic design competitions at the North Carolina State Fair on Oct. 11. Students developed websites and graphics around the theme, "Discovering Local Foods." The students' work will be on display at the fair until Oct. 21.

"This was a great way to show creativity and how websites can be dynamic" said senior Yosh Mori, who also won first place in 2011. "I had no idea there were millions of farms in North Carolina until I did the research to upload a map on my website."

Below is the list of winners. Click on the links to view their designs.

Web Development: grades 11-12
First place: Yosh Mori
Third place: Daniel Blackman

Graphic Design: grades 9-10
Second place: Thong Nguyen

Web Development Open Competition: ages 13-18
Third place: Devon Gousby