Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charlotte Area Attorneys Seeking To Help People Injured By Zicam

ROCK HILL, S.C. – McGowan, Hood and Felder, LLC, one of the
Southeast's most experienced law firms at obtaining compensation for
people injured by corporate neglect or negligence, is now seeking to
help individuals injured by Zicam. Zicam is a nasal spray recently
ruled harmful by the U.S. FDA.

"We are developing a growing list of clients who claim their sense of
smell was damaged or destroyed by Zicam," said Chad McGowan, Managing
Partner of the law firm. "We intend to vigorously pursue compensation
for them from the manufacturers and marketers of Zicam."

McGowan stressed, "There is no charge to any individuals whom we
accept to this client list. Our compensation comes entirely from legal
settlements provided by the defendants, so even though we cannot
guarantee a settlement, we are highly motivated and very skilled at
pursuing them. This is a strong case because losing your sense of
smell goes beyond just quality of life – it threatens people's safety
and life itself when they cannot smell a gas leak or smoke from a
fire, for example."

McGowan, Hood and Felder in the past has successfully filed suit and
won awards for a variety of medical malpractice and manufacturer
negligence cases totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. The firm
recently secured a $3 million settlement for the family of Heather
Sloan, a mother of three, who died at a South Carolina hospital after
visiting the emergency room three times in three days with severe
abdominal pain.

Individuals in any state who have been harmed by Zicam are encouraged
to contact the law firm through their website, www.McGowanHood.com, or
by calling toll free at 877-327-3800.