Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mecklenburg Officials Visit Washington To Lobby For Stimulus Funds

Mecklenburg County Commissioners Jennifer Roberts and Vilma Leake and
County Manager Harry Jones are in Washington DC to meet with the North
Carolina Congressional Delegation. They are lobbying for funding for
local projects totaling $430 million. Those projects include:

• CPCC's Harris Campus expansion
• CPCC parking deck
• Greenways/urban connectivity
• Memorial stadium/Grady Cole Center
• Several parks
• Freedom center
• Solid waste facility
• Storm water systems
• New schools
• School renovations and repairs
The Mecklenburg County officials will meet with Congressmen Watt, and
Kissell and Senators Hagen and Burr as well as Sue Myrick's Washington
Chief of Staff.

Senator Hagen told the local group that it is unlikely that any of the
$16 Billion removed from the Senate bill will be restored. That money
would have been used for school construction.

The discussion with Senator Burr included transit (north and northeast
corridors), social services and homelessness.