Friday, June 6, 2008

HomeAid Charlotte's Board Members Announced

 HomeAid Charlotte's Board Members Announced
- Under the Tutelage of Home Builders Association of Charlotte New
Non-Profit Aids the Local Homeless Population -
Charlotte, N.C. - Operating under the Home Builders Association of
Charlotte, HomeAid Charlotte was recently established as the 19th
chapter of the national organization, HomeAid.  HomeAid Charlotte's
mission is to build or renovate dignified housing for temporary
homeless families and individuals by working with other non-profits in
the community dedicated to helping the homeless. 
The Home Builders Association of Charlotte selected the following
individuals to serve as leaders in establishing and governing HomeAid
Charlotte:  President: Elliot Mann, Standard Pacific; Vice President:
Tom Ingram, David Weekly Homes; Treasurer: Mark Baldwin, Home Builders
Association of Charlotte; Secretary: Andrea Berenfeld, Lennar Homes;
Directors: Larry Burton, Newland Communities; Michael Hinshaw, Hinshaw
Properties; Bob Kardos, Toll Brothers, Inc.; Dean Kellum, John Wieland
Homes; Shawn King, Bonsal American, Inc.;  David Parler, Wachovia Bank;
Chris Pinckney, National Gypsum; John Shea, Shea Homes; Steve Windell,
Bank of America; and Libby Currier, Executive Director, HomeAid
"We have pledged the initial operating funds to HomeAid Charlotte for
2008 and provide them with office space," said Mark Baldwin, executive
vice president of the association.  "With homelessness escalating in
our community at such an alarming rate, we wanted to be part of the
solution in working with other non-profits who serve the homeless," he
continued.  "That's why we hired Libby Currier to become the executive
director of the program and to work closely with the community and the
newly-formed volunteer board of directors to carry out their mission
and policies."
"By partnering with other non-profits helping the homeless, HomeAid
Charlotte allows our association's members an opportunity to do what we
do best – build with an added benefit of giving back to our community,"
said Baldwin.  "For every dollar invested in HomeAid Charlotte, we
estimate this contribution results in an average of $2 to $3 of in-kind
labor and materials."  
HomeAid Charlotte's national partners locally include Bank of America,
National Gypsum, Pro-build, as well as Sakrete of North America. The
national builder partners who helped launch HomeAid Charlotte through
their local divisions are: Beazer Homes USA, David Weekley Homes, John
Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, K. Hovnanian® Homes, Lennar
Corporation, Shea Homes, Standard Pacific Homes and Toll Brothers.

In the near future, HomeAid Charlotte will announce its plans for its
first project in the community.  The organization is working closely
with the Homeless Services Network and care providers of the homeless
to become a viable solution to aid our community's homeless population
in need of temporary shelter as they become self-sufficient.
Each national HomeAid chapter is a 501(c) (3) charitable, non-profit
organization and is sponsored by a committed, local building industry
organization.  Today, because of the generosity and dedication of many
in the home building industry, HomeAid is one of America's largest
providers of shelter for the temporarily homeless. 
Established in 1945, the Home Builders Association of Charlotte's
members include builders, developers, trade contractors, lending
institutions, real estate companies and building-material
manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.  To learn more about HomeAid
Charlotte and the Home Builders Association of Charlotte, visit their
web site at