Thursday, May 15, 2008

N.C. Business Leader Launches Fishing Lodge in Patagonia

'Patagonia Fishing Hosts' Launched In Argentinian
Fisherman's Paradise By N.C. Business Leader and Local Guides
For Immediate Release May 2008

The Andes-backed rivers and lakes around Cholila in the Patagonia area
of Argentina are considered by experienced fly-fishing insiders to be
the angling paradise of the Western Hemisphere.
In Cholila decades ago, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid escaped to
a rural shack, far away from the reaches of U.S. lawmen. Today
fly-fishing enthusiasts from the U.S. and northern Latin America escape
the pressures of the urban world and stay in a few remote lodges like
the one recently opened by a North Carolina retired business executive
and Patagonia fishing guides.
They call their operation Patagonia Fishing Hosts
( and their lodge the Carrileufu
Valley Lodge.
"This gives people the chance to experience first-hand the legendary
Patagonian fly fishing dreams," said founder John B. Bell Jr., an
experienced angler, retired CEO of John Boyle & Co. in Statesville, NC,
with numerous business interests worldwide. "With crystal-clear lakes
and flowing rivers surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains, the
area around Cholila looks a lot like Montana 70 years ago – beautiful,
natural and unspoiled. And the fish are abundant in these waters which
are just minutes from our lodge."
Bell is a longtime member and supporter of both Trout Unlimited and
the Federation of Fly Fishers, who have endorsed his enterprise. "This
is the essence of great, great fly fishing," he declares
enthusiastically. "Always catch and release. World class guides, new
equipment, lots of smart and hungry trout, streamside 'gaucho lunches,'
plus fine dining and wine, Argentine style, at the end of each
rewarding day."
Carrileufu Valley Lodge is a rustic, fully furnished retreat that
accommodates a maximum of 10 guests at a time to ensure a high level of
personal service. It has five double rooms each with a private bath, a
full kitchen, an authentic Patagonian chef, a fireside gathering room,
and many other amenities.
"This is truly a fisherman's lodge," Bell said, "patterned after some
of the best in Montana, Wyoming and Quebec, although thoroughly
Argentine at heart. Fishing activities include overnight float trips,
spring creeks, plus a great selection of lakes and rivers. Trout
species include book, brown, rainbow and landlock salmon.
"Carrileufu Valley Lodge offers a unique location that greatly reduces
travel time from the lodge to select fishing water," Bell noted. "You
will see lots of fish and wildlife in this area but very few people
besides your fishing group.
"Cholila is easily accessible by air and vehicle, usually flying
through Buenos Aires to Bariloche or Esquel. And as a convenience for
our guests, we offer transportation from the airport to the lodge,
including beautiful scenery along the way."
A number of avid U.S. fly fishermen fish in Montana and other northern
areas in May through September, then move down to Patagonia to fish in
its warm months, November through April, Bell explained. "Our new lodge
helps create an endless season for North American and European fly
Patagonia Fishing Hosts is managed in Cholila by Pancho Panzer, an
experienced, college-educated Patagonian fly-fishing guide, who is
fluent in English. Panzer's team, all bilingual, includes other
professional guides, skilled cooks, and a full maintenance staff.
A typical Patagonia Fishing Hosts package includes six fishing days
and seven nights of lodging, for about $4,000 dollars US each person,
sharing a room with another fisherman, and sharing a guide. Air travel
is additional. Guests can request individual rooms and guides for
additional cost.
Cholila has a romantic history. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
escaped U.S. law enforcement by living there for years in the early
1900s – until their ill-gotten money started running low and they had
to return to "work," robbing more banks. Some believe they were killed
in a shoot-out, and others believe they escaped and lived to a ripe old
age. Their cabin is 20 miles away from the Carrileufu Valley Lodge.
Other area attractions include:
- Museum "LeLeque Estancia," about one hour driving distance from the
lodge, featuring artifacts and information about Patagonia history
- The old Patagonia Express train, which rides a very narrow track
through the mountainous country, powered by a smoke-blowing steam
- El Bolson's famous artisans fair an hour away
- Bird watching for beautiful flamingos and condors
- Horseback riding and hiking in the many trails around the area
"A trip to Patagonia is a total experience," Bell concluded. "Absorb
the culture, the food, the friendly people, and their beautiful country
and, of course lots and lots of great fishing."
For more information, visit or
call Pancho Panzer at 0054-2945-1553332.
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