Monday, January 28, 2008

Paul Huff Helps People "B.S." Their Way to the Top in New Book

CHARLOTTE – Paul Huff, president of Paul Huff International
( today announced the release of his new book, "How to
B.S. Your Way to the Top" (Insight Publishing; Dec. 2007; $24.95).
The concept of "How to B.S. Your Way to the Top" is that your B.S. –
belief system – dictates how you think and how you feel. It determines
the choices and decisions you make in your life, personally and
professionally. It determines how long you are willing to sustain your
efforts. And ultimately, it determines the results you obtain, and the
quality of your life.

"The right ticket to get to any destination you want to go is by simply
aligning your B.S. with everything you want to have, do, become, or be
able to contribute with your life," said Huff.
It was at a young age when Huff made the conscious decision to change
his way of thinking – rather than fall victim to his personal
challenges of dealing with childhood abuse – and focus on his own
personal B.S. that magnificent things began to happen in his life.
In his book, Huff points out that a work-harder mentality does not
necessarily generate successful results; the value of having a crusade
to make a difference in the lives of others; and how your B.S. can
impact your luck.
"How to B.S. Your Way to the Top" provides an interactive and
motivational book that includes real-life accounts of famous people
such as Sylvester Stallone, Thomas Edison, Michelangelo and Walt Disney
who used their own B.S. to overcome odds and achieve great success;
questionnaires to help you define and change your B.S.; and a bonus
section of "power suggestions."
About Paul Huff
Paul Huff is the author of Imagination Always Wins: How to Unleash Your
Most Powerful Success Resource, Make Your Own Miracle, and SHINE: A
Simple Philosophy for Success. He combines his solid business
background with passion-fired skills in teaching both individuals and
organizations to achieve unprecedented performance with ease and joy.
Huff specializes in the area of personal and professional development,
sales, teambuilding, leadership and customer service.
Paul Huff International works with organizations that want to maximize
productivity by bringing out the best in their people. Paul Huff
International specializes in delivering powerful keynotes, seminars and
educational programs. For more information, visit or
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Paul Huff
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